He just might be talented! According to these people, HE IS!

DINER THE MUSICAL (by Barry Levinson and Sheryl Crow)

DC Metro Arts Best Of The Year - Noah Weisberg in Diner The Musical

"Noah Weisberg (Shrevie) lands every punchline in his character, but wows in the dramatic scenes as well." - Rachel Beecher, DC METRO THEATRE ARTS

"Some new casting proves advantages, too, such as the addition of Noah Weisberg as trigger-tempered, insecure Shrevie." - Peter Marks, WASHINGTON POST

"Noah Weisberg (with a bagful of TV and film appearances and Broadway credits including the recent New York revival of “South Pacific”) portrays Shrevie, the only married guy, with a mix of ersatz sophistication and clumsy longing." - Gail Obenreder, THE NEWS JOURNAL/USA TODAY

"...It works most effectively in the downbeat jazziness of “It’s Good,” Shrevie’s damningly faint endorsement of marriage." - Ben Brantley, NEW YORK TIMES

WHAT'S LIFE GOT TO DO WITH IT? (Written, Directed & Staring Noah)

"It will have you laughing the entire time. A brilliant comedy from Director Noah Weisberg." - HOUSTON COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW

"This is one of the funniest short films I've seen. The writing is sharp and had me laughing throughout. It's an original storyline that does something new to the zombie genre." - DC SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW

ENTER LAUGHING (The Wallis Annenberg, Beverly Hills, CA)

"But the lead performance, by the astonishing Noah Weisberg, makes this one of those “I remember the first time I saw….” shows. He puts one in mind of a somewhat refined Jerry Lewis. Weisberg’s nerdy take on fame borrows gently from great comedic traditions. He sings like a sweet geek here, but when David gets excited, the voice drops into operatic tones. Weisberg’s mastery of his physical instrument bespeaks plentiful physical theater skills. Above this, he brings a contagious joy to the stage." - Dany Margolies, ARTS IN LA

"Yes, indeed, this is a cast that any Broadway stage would be proud to welcome, and if I haven’t yet mentioned David himself, it is simply because, cliché be damned, the best must indeed be saved for last, and Noah Weisberg is absolutely the best thing since chopped liver, the busy (and oh so likeable) young Broadway, film, and TV vet delivering one of this or any year’s most tour-de-force triple-threat star turns. An out-and-out brilliant comedic performance that would do Carl Reiner himself proud." - Steven Staley, STAGE SCENE LA

"Noah Weisberg is thoroughly winsome." - Margaret Gray, LA TIMES

"Noah Weisberg is superb as the errand boy who dreams of a life on the stage." - Jay Weston, HUFFINGTON POST

"Weisberg brings terrific angst and innocence to David." - Don Grigware, BROADWAY WORLD

"Pitch-perfect in his delivery and a strong singer, Weisberg almost single-handedly carries the show." - Jordan Riefe, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

BIGFOOT: THE LOST COAST TAPES (New Breed Entertainment)

"Noah Weisberg gives some of the best lines in the movie." - Andy Greene, FAMOUSMONSTER.COM

"Noah Weisberg provides the comedy as the Jesse Eisenberg-like sound guy who just can't seem to keep the boom out of the shot." - Brian P. Kelsey, DREADCENTRAL.COM


"Noah Weisberg plays Stuart with charm and a quiet authority." - Erik Haagensen, BACKSTAGE

"Weisberg has a confident, likable demeanor." - Dan Bacalzo, THEATERMANIA

"Weisberg gives a persuasively nuanced performance as Stuart." - Simon Saltzman, CURTAINUP


"These marvelous actors play their roles with such relish it's impossible not to become absorbed into their world...Weisberg and Wever enjoy a sweet, subtle flirtation." - Doug Strassler, SHOWBUSINESS WEEKLY

"Mr. Weisberg is a sympathetic Phil." - Andy Webster, NEW YORK TIMES

"I can't say enough good things about Hater." - Trav S.D., THE VILLAGER

CALVIN BERGER (George Street Playhouse, NJ)

"A damn good comedy! This absolutely hilarious production features a stellar cast." - Gary Wien, NEW JERSEY STAGE

"Noah Weisberg, who plays the title role of Calvin Berger, has impeccable comedic timing and delivery." - Farnaz Mansour, INSIDE BEAT

"Don't miss these rising stars in 'Calvin Berger' at George Street Playhouse. Noah Weisberg, Krystal Joy Brown, David Hull and Dana Steingold are super talented, future super stars. All can sing beautifully and with full power; all can act up a storm and punch clever laugh lines both down the foul lines and to the back walls. And each can make you gasp with emotion when needed. Learn their names now before they become huge stars." - Stuart Duncan, NEW JERSEY NEWS ROOM


Winner: Outstanding Individual Performance.
Winner: 30 Outstanding Performances

"Weisberg's talent is clear in his belting of the songs and his impressive bar mitzvah–gone–rock show dance moves. It's easy to root for him." - Hilary Tuttle, BACKSTAGE

"Very appealing and funny." - Duncan Pflaster, BROADWAYWORLD.COM

"An endearing comic delight." - Patrick Lee, JUST SHOWS TO GO YOU

"Played so capably and comically...Quite hystarically played by Weisberg..." - Maura Kelley, NYTHEATRE.COM


This show got the best reviews Noah has ever read. Of course...he doesn't read much. Still, Noah stands behind this claim.


"Special kudos to Noah Weisberg who manages to get a belly laugh from his one line as the prison guard." - HX MAGAZINE

PERFECT HARMONY (Fringe Festival, NYC)

"...Brilliantly played by Noah Weisberg..." - Rachel Wynn, SHOWBUSINESS WEEKLY

GREASE (Paper Mill, NJ)

"Noah Weisberg…Wonderfully goofy portrayal as Eugene…Seemed to radiate pure joy in performing each time on stage…" - Naomi Siegel of THE NEW YORK TIMES


"…Especially the wonderful Noah Weisberg, who manages to give a specific, energetic, and touching performance throughout." - Denise Scala, SHOW BUSINESS WEEKLY

BIG (Tour)

"…Noah Weisberg as Josh Baskin lit up the stage. He is perfect as the over grown Josh, who shows great versatility in the vocal department and as a dancer. (Weisberg and Co-Star) took the helm with powerful voices, wonderful chemistry and perfect ensemble in their roles. Mr. Weisberg shines throughout the evening…" - THE SCRANTON TIMES

(After this review Noah was thinking of relocating to Scranton. They LOVE him there.)